Hi, I am Nora Huszka.


I'm a freelancer artist and free spirit, giving birth to much wonders from the mixture of arts, design and magic.

Love and curiousity are my channels to reach You and I am enthusiastic to connect by the wonderful gift of Tarot and Art.


You are welcomed here! Join me for a while.



Art for me is completely personal and at the same time universal. I am creating and experiencing my own style, and use art as a language to express myself on various media to make the world more color- and soulful around me .



I am manifesting my visions : I paint, I design objects, I style and sew clothing or reinvent any material that I work with.


I keep an open eye and mind to the world: I enjoy cultural experiences through my travels, getting inspiration from various sources like photography, spirituality, fashion design, interior design or creative writing.


I believe that handmade art has great pure energies, value and my artworks will find their way to you!


This is something very special, that I am creating here ... But it will only can come alive in Your hands.



Love & Blessings,

Nora Huszka


Ps. Write me at contact@norahuszka.com !



Curriculum Vitae


1989 born in Szeged, Hungary

2008-2012 Budapest, Hungary, University Degree of Speech therapy at ELTE GYPK


2012 Berlin, Germany relocating for new inspiration and intensive artistic creation with mixed media

2012 Berlin, first solo exhibition in Gallery and Cafe 'Where is Jesus?'

2012 Italy, styling and organizing private photo shootings and modeling


2013 Ceglie Messapica, Italy, collecting and editing drawings from the past years for the project The Gypsy Palace Tarot

2013 Suhl, Germany, The Gypsy Palace Tarot was self-published after successful crowdfunding campaign; a Tarot deck with 78 handmade illustrations, with graphic designer Matthias Furch 'Bombye'

2013 The Gypsy Palace Tarot is voted as 'Best Self-Published Tarot Deck of the Year' by the worldwide association of Tarot Professionals

2013 Freelancer Artist and Illustrator

2013 Suhl, solo exhibition 'Kartenhaus' in CCS Gallery

2013 Keswick, England, presenting The Gypsy Palace Tarot at the international Tarot Conference

2013 Illustrating the cover and heading article of Tarosophist International, Issue 21


2014 Budapest- Suhl attending various markets, festivals, promoting the Gypsy Palace Tarot

2014 Organizing local Tarot reading events

2014 Writing and publishing The Gypsy Palace Tarot Guidebook, the companion book of the deck

2014 Extending offerings by handmade Tarot bags, hand-binded books

2014 Tarot application for phones available from The Gypsy Palace Tarot by Galaxy Tone

2014 Illustrating book 'Encounters with Dragons' edited by Steph Engert


2015 St. Pons Thomierés, France, relocating for new inspiration from fashion design, learning basic sewing, leather work: organizing first collection

2015 St. Pons Thomierés, France photography, photo editing and modeling

2015 Keswick, England, presenting the upcoming Starlight Dragon Tarot

2015 Solingen, collaborative exhibition in Altes Stellwerk

2015 Solingen, collaborative exhibition 'Orient Express' in Südpark

2015 Painting, decorating furniture in artistic quality

2015 Creative writing, presenting 'Candlelight Stories', tales inspired by Tarot in Balkhausen Kotten

2015 Illustrations for poetry book 'Auf der Fährte des Narren', written by Saga Grünwald


2016 Solingen, intensive creation of the digital paintings of the Starlight Dragon Tarot

2016 Co-organizing and presenting the Starlight Dragon Tarot at the first German Tarot Conference

2016 Co-organizing and participating in local Tarot events

2016 Illustrating the cover of Tarosophist International, Issue 7

2016 The Starlight Dragon Tarot is published after successful crowdfunding campaign, fruit of collaboration work with Steph Engert

2016 The Starlight Dragon Tarot is the winner in 'Innovation in Tarot' category, voted by the worldwide association of Tarot Professionals

2016 Designing first jewelery collection inspired by the Starlight Dragon Tarot

2016 Designing first fabric collection based on the designs of Starlight Dragon Tarot

2016 Eupen, Belgium, relocating to explore new artistic language on larger canvases, oil painting

2016 Working on painting series 'Passages towards Love'


2018 Eupen, Belgium, Amorphia solo exhibition at Alter Schlachthof


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