A teaser of my Gypsy Palace Tarot Course offerings: join this illustrated journey of joyful learning, practice the language of tarot, colors, symbols and communicate skillfully with the mystical characters of this deck through specially  designed methods.

It's time to invite more magic and creativity in your life!

1st session:

Foundations and know your tool before you start working or the 'what, why and how' of Tarot

2nd session:

Meeting the Major Arcana or the 22 grande secrets of Tarot

3rd session:

INtroduction to the Minor Arcana or a walk through the Pip cards

4th session:

Court cards or the power of tales and archetypes that deliver messages to the unconscious.

5th session:

Colors, symbols, animals as symbols - details under the magnifying glass

6th session:

Special methods : create your own card image, read as communication with children or couples and create your own story

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