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"It is a high quality deck which contains more than meets the eye. Each card explains a unique story to you. In total, you have 78 cards with a very deep meaning. Colors, shapes and the characters speak to your subconscious in extraordinary ways."

"This is a must-have-deck. When you get it, take time to discover all the artwork in the cards. Be sure that you’ll find a whole new dreamy world, both within the deck and within yourself!"

"I love what Nora has to say about opening one’s mind, heart, and senses! I also love that all of this is handwritten, and not typed. It brings a different flavor to the table … one the encourages that inner child that perhaps does not get to come out too often!"

"As there was a bespoke spread included in the leaflet that came with the deck, I reckoned the best way to get to know this deck would be to dive in at the deep end with a reading. What I love about this spread is that you don’t have to have to have a question – the cards give you a theme!"


"There are only so many copies printed of this glorious deck, making it a limited addition, so hurry and grab a deck or two before it disappears! I would highly recommend it for all types of readers, beginning and experienced alike. The Gypsy Palace Tarot has quickly become one of my most treasured reading decks, and I encourage each and everyone of you to go take a look, let your creativity unfold as you look at it’s imagery and symbolism. This is a truly awesome deck that will definitely not disappoint!"

"I’m always drawn to new Tarot decks as I love to browse through the cards and enjoy the artwork. So when I got the chance to review this I quickly grabbed the cards and took them home. Going through the deck I am amazed by the extremely vivid colors and the fact that the names are written in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Hungarian."


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