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''Nora Huszka is single-handedly responsible for pulling me out of my decade-long fixation with the Rider Waite. Through her visionary debut deck, Gypsy Palace Tarot, I discovered a love for different interpretations and imagery.''








''The first thing I noticed, that there was a consistency in Nora's personality, the photographs, the graphic design and the artwork... in the whole package. That is the mark of something special. It spoke of something very bright, cheerful, vibrant and enthusistic.''








''I can feel the passion coming through every single card. What impressed me was the amazing artwork, that drew me in- I couldn't believe that an indipendent artist could create such a quality deck! ''






"This is a must-have-deck. When you get it, take time to discover all the artwork in the cards. Be sure that you’ll find a whole new dreamy world, both within the deck and within yourself!"

>> Review & Interview by Pepi Valderrama -

"I love what Nora has to say about opening one’s mind, heart, and senses! I also love that all of this is handwritten, and not typed. It brings a different flavor to the table … one the encourages that inner child that perhaps does not get to come out too often!"

>> Review by Bonnie Cehovet -

"As there was a bespoke spread included in the leaflet that came with the deck, I reckoned the best way to get to know this deck would be to dive in at the deep end with a reading. What I love about this spread is that you don’t have to have to have a question – the cards give you a theme!"

>> Review by Lisa Frideborg Lloyd -


"There are only so many copies printed of this glorious deck, making it a  limited addition, so hurry and grab a deck or two before it disappears! I would highly recommend it for all types of readers,  beginning and experienced alike. The Gypsy Palace Tarot has quickly become one of my most treasured reading decks, and I encourage each and everyone of you to go take a look, let your creativity unfold as you look at it’s imagery and symbolism. This is a truly awesome deck that will definitely not disappoint!"

>> Review by Elizabeth - Tarot enthusiast

"I’m always drawn to new Tarot decks as I love to browse through the cards and enjoy the artwork. So when I got the chance to review this I quickly grabbed the cards and took them home. Going through the deck I am amazed by the extremely vivid colors and the fact that the names are written in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Hungarian."

>> Review by Rhianne -